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Green Aspects of Granite

While not usually considered at the top of the list for traditional “green” products, granite countertops have a few green qualities. They don’t require chemicals or high-energy processing, they are extremely durable, and they are recyclable.

For renovated or new homes alike, granite keeps growing in popularity. There are many good reasons to use it as a countertop material. The top benefits are listed below:

The natural beauty of a granite counter top.

Vast arrays of shades, colors, and textures are available. Colors to compliment any decor can be found whether it is a neutral color or something bright, personal tastes can always be satisfied. If your counter top will need more than one slab to complete, make sure they come from the same mine batch or color shades could be objectionably different between slabs.

The durability of kitchen granite counter tops.

Granite is one of the most durable materials available. Unlike Formica, it isn’t subject to burns by hot pots or pans. Granite is resistant to staining and discoloring when properly sealed on a regular basis. Sealing is easily done by anyone, and a properly sealed granite counter top will maintain a beautiful shiny luster for a lifetime.

Every slab of granite will have different features from the next.

Patterns, color textures, distribution and depth can all vary from slab to slab, providing different characters. Any type of cabinet hardware fixtures can be complemented as well as cabinet finish or flooring. Granite adds a richness to your kitchen, one that simply cannot be duplicated with other materials.

Granite is an investment. Although granite will add some expense to your kitchen remodeling project, it is an excellent investment in your home’s value.