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Carpet tiles are small pieces of carpet that are able to be installed via a self-stick installation on most types of flooring. This product has become popular recently for both commercial carpet and residential carpet installs for a variety of reasons. Because each tile is individually installed there are countless options for design. Carpet tile is incredibly durable. Finally, the ease of installation is a huge selling point for carpet tile. 


This product offers a self-stick installation method which is a huge selling point for carpet tile for various reasons. Reason number one is because it makes installation incredibly easy self-stick installation means anyone can install carpet tile. Second, carpet tile’s installation process can allow for easy repair and replacements. Because each tile is an individual install they can also be replaced individually. Say a few tiles are damaged or have noticeably more wear it is easy to remove individual carpet squares and replace them with new tiles. Allowing for a very small repair cost as well as a longer life span for your flooring. 


Another thing you should know about this product is, similar to ceramic or porcelain tiles, carpet tile is installed tile by tile. This allows you to create designs, colors, and motifs that are beautiful and complex and offers endless choices.  Making it the perfect choice for those looking for an incredibly customizable flooring option that can match your décor


Durability should always be a priority when shopping for flooring. Carpet tile is easy to clean so it is perfect for high traffic areas. In addition, many carpet tiles provide stain and wear protection so you can worry less. 


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