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Largest In-Stock Inventory Of Home Improvement Products In Minneapolis, MN Area

There are so many reasons encouraging your clients to use Pinterest can make everyone’s lives easier. Here are a few of our favorite.

Gets them thinking about what they looking for.

Pinterest is a great way to get in the headspace of home improvement. Creating a Pinterest board is a great way to get your clients’ wheels turning for them to get a better idea of what their dream home looks like. Whether they are looking for kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops or custom bathroom cabinets Trade Direct has the largest home improvement selection in Minnesota. So whatever interior design goals your client is looking to accomplish we have you covered!

You can get an incredibly clear picture of what their home improvement vision is.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the vast selection of what your client may love and what they can’t stand. Pinterest boards are a great way to get a cohesive picture of not only what they like but how it all blends together to bring their vision to life.

Easier organization

So you don’t lose the inspiration photos they send you. Pinterest is a great way to keep all the interior design options in one place. You can create a board just for cabinets, another for flooring and another for countertops.

Your client can look at our Pinterest

Trade Direct has a Pinterest! So when your client is scrolling through their Pinterest feed recommend they check out our page. This way they are able to narrow their search and know they are looking at brands and products we sell and absolutely love. This is a great way to make the shopping process incredibly fast since your client will be pretty close to already selecting their materials.

Pinterest is an incredibly valuable tool. The platform grew bounds at the start of the pandemic and continues to grow. It is no longer just for crafty women over 35. Today anyone and everyone use it. Pinterest can be an incredibly valuable asset to your company. We always recommend you share your finished products and other aspects of your business. If you do post on your Pinterest share it with us and we would be happy to share it on our page! We love helping you build your business any way we can.