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If you choose to go with hardwood flooring there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. This choice has to potential to dramatically change the aesthetic and vibe of the room. With so many options to chose from it can be difficult to decide. The easiest decision to start with is whether you want light hardwood or dark hardwood. 


Light Hardwood 

Choose light wood if you want a wood color that will make your home feel larger and more open. We don’t always recommend light wood for a large home because it can make the home feel too large. For the right size home though the light color can make the room feel bigger and brighter. Another benefit that comes with choosing light wood is that is easier to keep clean than dark hardwood. Dust and dirt show up far less on lighter wood. Light hardwood will also show fewer scratches. 

Dark Hardwood

The benefit to dark hardwood is that is able to make your home feel more comfortable and cozy. Allowing the room to feel more inviting. Unfortunately dark wood does show more dust and dirt compared to light wood. This means it will require more cleaning and upkeep. On the plus side, dark wood does a better job of hiding imperfections in the wood which is a huge advantage. 

What will serve your lifestyle best?

When determining what floor will best serve the space you are designing there are lots of questions you can ask yourself. What will you be using to decorate? A great way to decide is to determine how the space will be filled.  Ask what furniture is going to be used to fill the space? From there you can determine what color will look best with the furniture. Don’t forget to think about what the lighting looks like in the space? For low-light rooms, light wood can be a great option to brighten the room. 


When it comes down to it the best hardwood for you is whatever sparks the most joy. You are allowed to trust a gut feeling for this one. Still unsure? Our design consultants are happy to help! Give us a call or visit our showroom!