Where Should Polyurea Floor Coatings be Used?

Expo Coatings can work with all surfaces, from brand new concrete to cracked and stained old concrete. The end result is always a smooth, level, customized work platform that suits your needs and budget. Consider some of the typical applications for commercial epoxy flooring:

  • Health and fitness clubs use polyurea coatings for pool areas, locker rooms, bathrooms and sport courts.
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities benefit from polyurea flooring for easy cleaning and maintenance with non-slip surfaces.
  • Restaurants use coated concrete to limit stains and hazards in kitchen and storage areas.
  • Repair shops apply polyurea coatings to concrete floors to prevent oil buildup and dangerous falls.
  • Technical companies appreciate coated concrete since it repels dust and encourages a clean working environment.
  • Polyurea flooring offers many different design options for retail spaces and is an excellent choice for warehouse or inventory areas.

Let Expo Coatings lend its exceptional experience with commercial concrete flooring to your business. Our Free Consultation is handled promptly and at your convenience and our quotations are honest and competitive.

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