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Basics of Granite

Granite is the material of choice for many people who want their kitchen to be both stylish and durable. With a hardness of 50 degrees, granite is one of the hardest stones on earth. It’s mined from all around and then cut down for processing into manageable pieces before being polished to an impeccable finish for your kitchen countertops!

With the ability to come alive with different colors due to its formation process it can be a subtle complement or stand out slab - everything about this rock has something special so don't settle on just one!
When it comes to the environment, granite countertops are not only more eco-friendly than quartz but also emit less carbon and radon. Natural stone has an advantage in this department because its production requires much less energy or harmful chemicals which means fewer environmental impacts overall!


Nothing beats the real thing

Natural stone has a unique appeal that can’t be found in artificial materials. The color and design of granite countertops are real, as opposed to being engineered or manufactured on some machine for their appearance alone–they contain natural patterns which make them stand out from other countertops available today.

Granite offers a more unique look

There are hundreds of shades/colors to choose from and they’re all so beautiful! Many people consider the imperfections in granite slabs what makes this material stand out. It can even become a focal point for your kitchen, which will blend well with flooring or cabinetry.

They're very durable when treated properly

  • Granite countertops are ideal for any kitchen, but their stain-resistant and liquid soaking capabilities can make them an even more popular choice. A professional sealant will keep your granite looking like new with fewer worries about food or other stains getting stuck in the surface fibers of these tough stones!