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Basics of quartz

Quartz countertops have become the material of choice for many people who are looking to replace their older, worn out kitchen countertops with something that will not only last but also add a modern touch.

Quartz countertops have a more uniform appearance than granite, though they are still available in many colors and patterns.
They can last for years without deteriorating or losing their shine due in large part because it's not uncommon to find other minerals like silica within the stone material itself.


Quartz countertops are low maintenance

Unlike granite countertops that require sealing, this durable surface can withstand daily wear from food spills without any worries about breaking down. Just wipe them down with soap every day and avoid scrubbing pads that might dull the finish. If stains are stubborn try running hot water over your kitchen countertops for 10 minutes before drying off – this should remove most grime!

They're antimicrobial and safe for your family

Resin binders make quartz countertops resistant to stain and odor. All the harmful bacteria can’t penetrate through these surfaces due to their nonporous quality. This protects it from attacks by substances like mildew that would otherwise ruin your kitchen’s appearance as well as damage its structural integrity over time!

Design is easy with quartz

  • The options for making countertops are endless. Some makers offer jumbo slabs, but even with standard 60″ x 120″ pieces the seams can be almost imperceptible; added resins allow cleaner cuts without chipping as stone does and it is versatile enough to create sink or side panels on an island in your kitchen!