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TIle Flooring

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We’ll work with you to find the best option from our vast selection of tile and natural stone, which includes ceramic and porcelain tile options. We’ll also assist you with design and color selection to ensure the best shopping experience from start to finish.  Our professional porcelain tile installation team will arrive on time and ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction. We offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty on porcelain tile so your investment in new flooring will be protected. If you select ceramic tile we will connect you with a trusted ceramic tile installation contractor.

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Refined and durable, tile flooring is strong while maintaining a warm & welcoming look. Porcelain and ceramic tile are available in looks that range from stone to clay, marble and even petrified wood!

We've got everything you need to know about tile floors, all in one place! Every tile is unique - no two pieces of stone are ever exactly the same, making them individual works of art with totally unique patterns of color and mineral veining.


  • – Naturally resist dents and scratches

  • – Non slip texture, safe for all family members

  • – Insulation from sound & temperature

  • – Endless variety of glaze colors, shapes and sizes

  • -Bedrooms

  • – Living Rooms

  • – Family Rooms

  • – Play Rooms



Consider the following when searching for your hardwood flooring style:

Ceramic Tile

Made from a mixture of different clays and other natural materials, fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures until hard. They are then either left in their natural white or red unglazed state, or glazed with a colored top layer. 

Porcelain Tile

A type of ceramic tile, but much more dense due to being fired at even higher temperatures. Porcelain is harder, more resistant to moisture and staining, and has color that runs throughout the body of the entire tile.  

Natural Stone Tile

Another decorative option, available in designs made from real slate, marble, limestone, granite, and travertine stone. Much like with ceramics, different stones have a unique look, with lots of variation between individual tiles. 


Because of tile’s incredible hardness, you’ll get many years of durable beauty out of your tile floors. Cleaning tile can be simple, but you need to know how to do it properly. Follow these tips to keep your tile well-maintained.

Vacuum weekly

to remove surface-level dust and dirt particles, which can damage your fibers when ground in by foot traffic.

Use mats or area rugs

to cover and protect high-traffic areas, such as entryways. These should be cleaned regularly as well.

Spot clean spills

to remove stains immediately and keep your tile floors looking new for a long time.

Rotate furniture

to cover and protect high-traffic areas, such as entryways. These should be cleaned regularly as well.